hovering between motion and stillness

Hovering between motion and stillness, I find the edges of intention,disposition, anticipation, attentiveness. I discover a threshold that has no need to eliminate its opposite in order to exist. I discover moment and place, intertwined. I discover I can dwell here. This moment has much to teach me. It is this engagement with motion and stillness, of one becoming the other, that I wish to explore. Join me.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hope compels this blog.
 And Faith.
 And body.... this one most of all. 
Here, we meet as colleagues in a bold adventure of exploring how we can be in the world as reflective and attentive practitioners. I welcome you and invite you to post your body memories of recent resonances and the older and deeper memories that these recent experiences evoke.


  1. Thank you Maureen for your contribution to the pre-conference yesterday channeled through Rebecca. She did a lovely job of presenting and encouraging your activity. The freedom that the day allowed was a pleasure and I must say, a release, from the constraints that usually accompany academic conferences. It was a shining example of social constructivist learning at its best...the community and support that each participant in the day provided contributed to may experience. The "moments in between" the silence and the conversation helped me to consider different ways of sharing your voice.

  2. thanks for this lovely response. I am glad the session was meaningful. I imagine the whole day of experiences was a wonderful way to begin the conference.

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  4. The preconferene was great day to be with others in nature, to feel connected, to trust, to laugh, to feel in sync with self, others and the more than human world. There were moments of reflection, wonder, laughter, joy and excitement. Moments of compassion, feeling, hesitation and caution. Throughout the day I kept thinking how well things seem to work. We adapted as a group within conditions that Chris and I had prepared, but events unfolded not as expected but in wonderful ways. Highlights, Paul our keynote getting lost in Finnerty gardens which then became a game of "find Paul" with lots of people calling for Paul, great way to start a keynote. Playing camouflage like children playing hide and seek for the first time. Rebecca offering opportunity to go naked or take your shoes and socks off, the later everyone embracing immediately. Then, the burying of bare feet in the river bed, planting ideas to create a stream of collecting consciousness. Finally a tribute to Joannie, some memories, some tears and a homage to a wonderful and sincere person. PHETE for ever :)